explosive dogs

Canine explosives & narcotics sniffing technique in the aviation industry and seaport.

Dogs are the best way to clear outsize cargo and at extreme cargo quantities.

Dogs are solving the problem caused by items that cannot be x-rayed or hand-searched.

Dogs (Remote Fragrance Canine) are the only commercial application of its kind to utilize the Dogs technique as a means of clearing cargo.

The process is quick and non-intrusive in the aviation industry and sea freight.

The remote air sampling can be performed even if the item is loaded on a vehicle in a container or Pallet.

We provide everything that is required – We train your personnel to carry out the procedure, we deliver the Sniffer Dogs and the equipment and knowledge.

A DOG represents a real advance in several other areas. Thanks to its speed, a high throughput can be obtained by a single analysis unit where a load can be cleared in minutes.

Example: 1 dog is able to screen 1200 m3 freight in 15 minutes.

In the near future there are no longer large dog unites necessary.

Sniffer Dogs
Conventional Boxes, parcels, - pallets.

Sniffer Dogs
Remote Fragrance Canine Odd sized cargo, Containers, ULD, Truckload, pallets.

Bombs can be hidden everywhere and in everything and can’t be seen with the naked Bombs can be hidden everywhere and in everything and can’t be seen with the naked eye or with mirrors.

As a result, the bomb patrollers or the Security staffs aren’t able to check everything manually because or to scan everything; they can’t look in a CD-Player.

Is the scanning done by the Bomb patrol or the Security staff without a explosive detection dog, then we get a uncomplete search on the Concert, etc. It is also dangerous to use electric devices to help search because a bomb can be manufactured to react on these devices or the pulses they send out, causing the bomb to detonate. An example, to search the VIP room, backstage, the stage and the ground where the event takes place the best thing you can use are bomb detection Dogs. They are cheaper, faster, safer and more efficient.

The search for Explosive Device’s and IED’s
Our explosive Detection Dogs are also used at large-scale events and concerts.
In these times terrorists will thoroughly plan an attack and won’t place the bomb in an area that is visible for everyone.

Our Quality
Our quality is confirmed by the certificate of   WESTERN RAILWAY of working Dogs. our agency (safe security Guards) in Mumbai (INDIA) is the only reconize company who provide Dogs to trained and untrained Dogs on hire and sell.
This happens under strict rules and no concessions are done concerning the quality of the Explosive Detection Dogs and it’s handler.

Security declaration
To be able to work safely with our Explosive Detection Dogs it’s important to work with tight procedures.

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