k9 cources

MOHITE KENNELS K9 Training using Innovative technology and equipment to reach the highest examinations standards.

MOHITE KENNELS offers you the possibility to take specialized courses at our dog school. These courses will take 2 to 6 weeks depending on the discipline. The way of teaching is completely based on our new concept “The new generation obedience and breed show training plus agility work for all breeds, handling courses for sniffer & tracker dogs

After this training you can start working as a handler with a good theoretical and practical knowledge. Get informed about the possibilities.

1. Fees for dog training obedience only 10,000/- Rs.

2. Fees to train your dog for agility only 15,000/- Rs.

3. Fees for breed show training to your dog only 15,000/- Rs except germen Shaffer.
(For germen Shaffer only 30,000/- Rs).

4. Fees for the course of dog handlers (boys & girls) according to class wise only 20,000/- Rs.

5. Fees for sniffer dogs handler only 20,000/- Rs.

Free consultancy on choosing, developing and maintenance of your breed.

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